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Friday, 23 December 2011

What A Year?

  So it’s time of the year when we see Santa caps dancing to “jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way…Santa Claus is coming along riding on a sleigh”

In other words the year has come to an end, and like every year I was reflecting on how the year went about…well to begin with the year, to be precise Jan 1, 2011 began on a terrible note for me professionally and as if it was not good enough my personal life touched the rock bottom, and together they plunged into a black hole. I did not have any solutions, it looked as if life is slipping away, and I could not find a bar to hold onto.

As the year progressed things went from bad to worse, by March everything bad that could happen, had taken place, I suffered huge loss personally and the professional roller coaster had completely blinded me.

I did not know what to do, while I swayed from moments of fear, and denial to acceptance, the optimist in me would whisper in a feeble voice, “this is it, it can’t be worse than this, it’s going to be only better from here, so don’t lose hope and cling on.”

Of course there were people around me who acted as my pools of sanity, my parents who supported me, motivated me, and reminded me that fear is for lesser mortals “you have always been our brave daughter!” My friends whom I would call at any hour of the day, then pour in the same things day after day, but they all listened to me, they let me speak till I had nothing left to speak about, not even once any of them complained that I disturbed their sleep, or that they have heard it before n-number of times.

As it was bound to, professionally things became better with time and on the personal front I learnt to accept the loss, I would not say whatever happened was for good, but it definitely made me a stronger and a wiser person.

While I was going through all this, the fragility of life stared at me, I sat and laughed with tears in my eyes, how people go about doing all dubious things thinking everything is permanent, if any thing is permanent in life its “change!”

With this I decided to do everything that I had always wanted to do thinking that someday I will do them. I started learning piano, joined art classes, and started traveling on my own to all those near by places which I always wanted to see, but would not waiting for others’ company.

As the year comes to an end I feel content and satisfied, for I have read some of the best books, traveled and learnt things on my way, and have painted to my heart’s desire. At the same time I saw some of my close friends tying the knot, especially the pessimistic ones, and the best part is they are all happy...and they are some more weddings in the pipeline, which tells me that it’s for you to decide whether you want to be the passenger or the pilot in the journey of life.

New year is about to begin and if I don’t speak about resolutions, this post would remain incomplete…like every year this year also I have a few resolutions and hope to keep them.
  1. Steer clear of hair cut temptation
  2. A visit to Agumbe, to the house where Malgudi days was shot
  3. Water rafting at Rishikesh
  4. Parasailing in Goa

I think that’s it for now, gals can I have a peep into your new year resolutions?

Energy Fountain

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ideas for romantic birthday gifts, anyone?


Need some help... Its my guy's birthday and am lost on what I should gift him..  Well... I like his taste and usually our choice in most things are similar.. yet, am worried if I would make a mistake... I know for a fact that he is very picky. So if he doesn't like what I pick for him, chances are he won't use it...

He is very fond of clothes. So I was thinking I will get a nice sweater for him. But the problem is his size. I do know his size, but am wondering if it would be the same for all brands. Also, he has lost a bit of weight, so am not sure any more. He loves perfumes!! But then again, he is very choosy about that too. He has a favourite brand that he uses always, but that is really expensive and beyond my budget. Also, there is no point in gifting something that he already has. And its not nice to give cheap perfumes, right? Next choice is watches.  He lovess watches and fancies a Tag Heur. Again, not within my budget. But he likes my watch, which is an ordinary Titan one. So maybe our choice in watches are similar.Wallets and Goggles are other options that Iam considering. But I think he is not very found of them. Then there are shoes! But won't it be inappropriate to gift shoes for your love on his birthday? What do you guys think? Plz help me with some ideas.. My guy is not very particular about brands as such. Well, there are some of his fav brands, but he is happy wearing the ones that are not branded as well. And my budget is around 1k. 1.5 k is the max.. Yeah, I know its a pity. But u see, hard times!! :(..

With Love
as lazy as ever
urs couch potato


Hey couch potato...

Let me warn you.. it is extremely difficult to gift a guy as the choices are few and pricey..... see my concept of a gift is something that can be used... please do not mistake me for being unromantic..... it is just that I feel "usefulness = > memory of the effort we took "

Ok so is he into gadgets??? something small??? how about a USB or a table lamp that can be charged from the laptop.... some sort of potable charger for his laptop or phone... see I am just suggesting things in your range... else I would not have told anything less than a Galaxy tab ;) You can check out this in places that sell computer accessories.... some of these items can be personalised with your name or initials....

What about something that he can use for his personal use or at work....  a good leather bound diary or a  mont blanc/ parker/cross... it is ideal if he has customer contact at his work ...  a silk tie with matching cuff links or even a good bag or belt that can be used at his work place ??? but again you need to do your research and find out if it serves his purpose...

Hmmmm...... you said that he lost weight.... so is he into sports or healthy foods??? In that case you could think in terms of some sports gear, wrist band for an I- Pod,  travel mug, sweat shirt... something that he would use regularly when he is pumping those muscles.... blink blink :)

Mmmm.. don't know if it is ok to ask... is he a metrosexual???  if yes... then some funky jewellery or a gift basket with his favourite lotions and scrubs would make him delighted...

Don't worry if you cannot get him the big stuffs now... there is still time and you have years in front of you.. get them the watch/ perfume/shirt ... and then you are lost in ideas on what to get them next... so leave them for later and think 'small' now...

hmmm....  so that is all what I could bring out for today.. will let you know if something hits me later... You can also check online sites for gifts that could be delivered to him directly.... Well if you are planning to give it personally... from experience I must say ..  if you do not have time to wrap it- please don't bother ... all that fancy gift covers and bows do not 'usually' make any difference to men.. they are anyways going to just rip it off :)  well... do let me know if bows fancy him... it is a rare sighting you see...

Yours ever thinking....
Agile Serenity..

Well! Well!! come to think of it...I gifted My Other half a Shirt on his B'day during our courting phase....But like you said if you are not able to guess the size then It's not a good idea....How about a photo frame with a pic of the both of you???? in a cuddly - cuddly pose.....or a coffee mug with a pic of both of you or some nice romantic writing...What are his tastes/interests or hobbies??? Throw some light then maybe I can think of some more options...:)

He he..But there is an idea out of the box- How about some red jockey underwear...or Tommy of whatever brand he wears....I know I know....I better shut up!!!

Can't Stop Laughing
She Pebble.... --- ))))

Thank you my dear girls.... It was both wonderful and hilarious reading ur mails... mwaaaaaaaaahhh!

@ she pebble - ROFL!! Yep, underwear is a nice idea...  :D...  But then, even for that I need to know his size... Oh btw! He is into lingerie big time... I mean.. when he was at an event, there was a lingerie shop nearby. And he called me up and was describing the lingerie to me and said he was imagining me in them.. Lol!!  And this time he requested me to get some nice lacy or satin lingerie and lingerie sleep wear in bold colours. Gosh! That made me so conscious! I mean... I like to see the lacy reds on sooper hawwtt models, not on me. He said that he will get me some colourful lingerie when he comes down from Doobai , if I send him my size. But I promptly changed the topic. Phew!!

Yep.. photo frame with our cuddly pic is a nice idea.... I always like gifting two things... one small, romantic /hand-made (since my crafty skills are zero, I haven't tried it yet) and another a slightly lavish one (note : lavish in my standards). So this time the small romantic thing is gonna be a nice, romantic card with lotta mushy lines. I added some colour to it and made it more attractive (hopefully :D).. And trust me, I enjoyed the process, I felt like a child.. he he... If I had my way, I would have sat up the whole night with me.. geee!! So that gift is sealed.. But am definitely keeping that photo frame idea in mind....

His other interests and hobbies..... hmmmm.... the guy is a Fooodie (yep, with a capital F), but trying not to over-indulge these days... He loves sports.. mostly cricket, soccer and basket ball... He used to play in college, not any more.. then .. yeah, he is into gadgets... but I didn't consider that option cuz I felt its wayyy beyond my budget... Something he absolutely love doing is travelling.. That is his greatest passion! Movies and music too... As I type this out, I feel that its easier to keep this guy since he loves so many things.. It would be difficult to gift something to a person like my Dad... he he

@ Agile

Oh my God!! Girl, what are you??  U just put up a list just like that... whoaaa!!! Thats awesome!!!  Iam definitely gonna keep it as a reference mail...

Even I like gifting something useful.. I rarely gift show pieces unless that person is really into it.. Ditto for candles.. but they do have some use, even if its decorative.. and if a person loves them, then they are great gifts. Only thing is tha.. you should know what that person likes and goes with decor of the rest of the house.. Now since we are in a romantic phase, I would like to get him something romantic.:):):)... And he appreciates it..  He is a romantic! He is not into writing much. But he lourvess it when I send him mushy mails.. He either glows or get all moist-eyed.. he he...

As I told she pebble, I didn't consider electronics cuz I thought they would be very expensive. But now ur giving me some ideas... and that I can personalise it .. hmmm... thats nice... I agree with you.... I will start small... else I will run outta ideas... I will keep the bigger gifts for our 10th wedding anniversary.. he he... or silver jubilee... he he...

And yep.. he is a self-confessed metrosexual... sometimes when I talk to him I feel that am talking to one of my female friends. We spend one whole day discussing toilettries.. lol!!

Well... This gift am gonna personally give it to him.... Oh girlie... I might need your help here.... I would like to send him smthg across to him also for his birthday...  but all I could find was flowers and cakes online.... do I have any other choice? And which are the best online delivery services in Doobai?

Thank a ton girlies.... Waiting for energy fountain's mail.. am sure she will have something more creative :):):)

Love u all
couch potato...

Well looks like I am a late comer and the party is over....

And you guys were thinking that I would come up with something creative...ha ha I am flattered that you guys think so highly of me ;)

Let me tell you I am really bad at picking gifts for men, and it's such a pleasure to pick gifts for women rather...one has so much to choose from

Recently one of my school buddies (male) got married and I did not know what to gift him, so I called him up and asked what he would like to have...he said the best gift would be your presence...I said I am unable to do that, and you will have to manage with the second best gift;)...I will tell you a list of things  I have in mind and you tell me which one you like most, turned out he would use most of them :(
Since I was hell bent on sending him a gift he said why don't you send something for my would be wife...smart guy I tell you...so sent them a Dinner set, booked online and it was delivered, it seems his wife liked it a lot :)

Ok back to your gift if I have to gift my guy, I would give him a book, he is a voracious reader and our taste is similar in books....may be I will give him a hand designed card sprinkled with some humorous writing, but I will have to write really well because he writes very well and is creative...he is a hobby photographer, no I would not gift him a camera, he already has one, may be I would frame a picture taken by him and gift him.

I know I was supposed to suggest gifts for your guy, so to sum it up I am no t the right person to ask for when you are looking for a gift :P 

Creativity overflowing 
Yours energy fountain :)



Thanx a bunch for all the awesome ideas.. Guess wat,  I gifted him a full-sleeved shirt  - from Lifestyle - which me and sis loved so much. But when he tried it on,  it was a wee bit small for him. And I guess he was not so excited by the design also. Thankfully I had asked Lifestyle about their exchange policies. So we went together and picked up another sleeveless sweater. I must admit, it was soo much prettier than the one I picked. 

Now he left :(:(:(.. And for his bday, I have asked our very own "agile serenity" to place an order for a cake in a bakery. I have pestered her so much that she tells me now she is more tensed than me. He he he....

After polishing off appam and stew
yours lazy bum
couch potato


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Replies to Treasure Your Memories

Hey Serenity

You are quite right to say that the soul and the spark is no more when we celebrate Onam now...but we cannot ignore the fact that with nuclear families, both the spouses working, we really do not have time to spent time on celebrations like yesteryear's. Here at my place, Onam Sadya parcels are in huge demand as it is very economical and time and effort friendly:)...... Like you said  all we can do now is treasure those old memories...I still rem how we used to dress up, have jasmine flowers clipped to my boy-cut hairstyle....swing in the madal oonjal till we got tired of it, play games and rush to be seated when the sadya was served...Gone are those days..We have grown up and so has Onam....

Geting Nostalgic:)
She Pebble

Hey Agile ....I can understand how it feels like when we find old things changed especially the ones with which we have memories attached...I remember few years ago when I had gone to my maternal grandparents place (it was a trip after a gap of five years)...and they had built certain new things, which altered the old house (I felt in an improper way)...somehow I could not appreciate it and voiced my feelings, which ideally I should have had kept to myself  because the ones staying there didn't have an issue!
The Tiger dace reminds me of the "Huli vesha" which I saw in Karnataka recently during Dushera celebrations, it was an awesome sight...

Still thinking about the ada payassam
Energy Fountain

Saturday, 22 October 2011

It is wiser to treasure your memories than to recreate it

Onam is a festival celebrated by all the people of Kerala. Even though my childhood was never in Kerala, my mother made it a point to see to it that I and my brother celebrated it in the true ‘malayalee’ way. Now miles away from my near and dear ones, I have a friend who used to amuse me with her childhood experiences. Onam, being her all time favorite, I would sit in admiration as she poured out memories about the ‘Pookalam’ (flower arrangement) … the grand Onasadya (vegetarian feast) … their local ‘King Mahabali’ (Onam is celebrated to honor this king) and ‘Vamana’……the Puli Kali (masked leopard dance)… Kaikotto Kali dance (traditional dance )… the roadside hawkers and vendors who put up their small stalls only during the festival…. the list went on and on…

So, this September we both decided to fly down to Kerala to celebrate Onam in God’s own country. We were head over heels, counting down days and making plans. All worked out and we landed on the first day of Onam. We hired a cab from the airport to her small town. The paddy fields, lakes, coconut palms and greenery were truly a visual treat to the eyes…

The scene was excellent until reality started to unfold before our eyes… Her first disappointment was when she saw that there was no ‘Pookalam’ laid out in front of her house… it took her some time to digest that they now had to buy flowers at a high cost for that purpose. Too tired and hungry to protest, we decided to freshen up and rushed to indulge in steaming hot ‘sadya’ and paysam (kheer)…Well, our hunger quickly died out when we discovered that the empty table and lack of food aroma in the house was because the caterer was late to deliver food. She refused to listen to what her family had to say about assigning Onasadya to the hotel that had the best paysam and most number of dishes…..

That took me some years back to a time when I would sit on the kitchen table in my frock, watching my mother cook as I munched away on the fried coconut slices. I still remember what she used to say about the two humble but essential Onam dishes – When cooking, two things are difficult – to spoil an ‘avial’ and to cook the perfect ‘erissery’. But, now I think this rule is not applicable because to be in business, the hotels better cook tasty food.

This was only the beginning of the surprises that awaited us. We discovered that the man who used to dress up as ‘Mahabali’ passed away few years ago. There was nobody else who took up that role. The boys and men who used to wear costumes for the ‘Puli Kali’ and entertain the locals with their dance steps were missing.. Some of them had moved into cities with secure government jobs and some had become IT professionals with deadlines to meet even on an Onam day. Those who were not lucky in this category took up drama and dance as a profession. This was their peak season when they got even overseas offers.

We decided to walk back home and watch T.V. because her neighbor told us that the celebrations were more elaborate in cities than in their remote area. That was when we came across a news report which stated that Kerala had a record sale of meat during Onam … What !!! Onam and non-vegetarian ??? It just does not match…

So, that means going forward when we sit down for a ‘sadya’, we need not get shocked if we see a chicken roast walk into our banana leaf and excuse itself to create some place between the ‘sambar’ and ‘thoran’ (two buddies from the original menu of Onam dishes)

Hmmm…. this was not what we expected but this was reality experienced in a small town of Kerala.

Are we disappointed? Actually we were but not now..… this change would have come over the last 10-15 years. It is just that inspite of our regular visits to Kerala, we realized it only now. We need to accept that our priorities have changed too.

So, this is Onam of the 21st century.

I know I am late but still, I cannot stop myself from wishing –

My belated hrudayam niranga “ Onashamsakal” to all…….

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Responses to "Death of Innocence"

Hey Energy Fountain

You did raise a very valid issue here but the problem would be "Will Anybody bother?". Parents are so proud to show off their talented children in reality shows that they are willing to cross the line or few rules in parenting which we were subject to us at our age - like no makeup,designer or revealing outfits, blow dried hair and even plucked eyebrows till you are 'old enough' and that 'old enough' age was when we got into college....
When I look back at few of my old school pics I wish I could hide under neath the bed, I looked so pathetic with my over sized specs, old fashioned hair style and dressing sense but hey I was still a kid then....no fashion diva...
Recently there was an offer in one of the very popular beauty parlours here - 50% off on facials for kids aged 10 - 15 years of age...OMG..Can you believe that? But it is the truth of today...We cannot ignore it...


She Pebble:(
hey you fountain girl,

I agree... Innocence has been lost and buried under debris. Though I love to see lil girls dressed up in cute outfits, it is disturbing when I see them in sexy clothes. I also cringe when kids talk like grown-ups. Its an absolute pleasure when they talk their age. I don't know how we stop them, or to what extend can parents control and influence their kids' lives. These days even 5-year- olds have a facebook account. Anyways, it was a good read girl:)

Just outta the bed
Couch Potato

Energy Fountain.....

Don't worry..... we are in no way old fashioned or ancient ... it is just that our mothers allowed us to enjoy our childhood to the fullest.... In the race for the survival of the fittest...  the limit gets crossed ...children get misguided and parents fall for it...Children are great imitators... they don't understand the right from the wrong... also, agreed that it is difficult for parents to control everything around  kids .. but parents and elders need to teach the young minds that this is not reality and that childhood comes only once...

Right now feeling disgusted watching a five year old trying to dance as 'Sheila' Ki Jawani in a reality show.... OMG she is even trying out the  Dhak Dhak movements..... I dont mind kids dancing for the song.. but they can dance in their own style right! .... why do they race to their Jawani at this age?????

- Yours Agile Serenity.......


Yes she pebble the trend is disturbing and I don't know what should be done to stop it. And couch potato even I know kids having Facebook accounts, i thought only 18-year-olds were allowed to open an account, or  I just imagined it?
Thank you Agile for empathising with me, I think we should thank our parents for letting us live our childhood to the fullest :)

love u all
Energy Fountain

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Death Of Innocence

I was seeing pictures of one of my niece, oh boy! she looked awesome, and she is hardly two-years-old. Yes! she looked awesome, not adorable. I was trying to figure out what was so different about the pictures, but then I gave up, telling myself “you and your eye for details!”

Few days later I saw this picture collection on Yahoo called “celeb moms”, Tanuja with Kajol, Hema Malini with her daughters, Sridevi with her daughter, and Sushmita sen with her newly adopted second daughter.

Kajol and Esha looked glamorous, nothing new, it’s part of their profession, but Sridevi’s daughter who is not even 15 years old, looked as if she has been ripped off her innocence and is getting ready to step into the Bollywood. But Sridevi looked pretty content showcasing her daughter.

And at that very instant it hit me like a bolt from blue that my niece’s picture had this uncanny resemblance with Sridevi’s daughter, no, not looks wise, but the way she looked devoid of innocence, the way she was been dressed in those fashionable gowns, which in earlier days we used to see actors wearing while walking down the red carpet.

Who is to be blamed for the death of innocence? kids, their peers, or their parents? I think it’s started by the parents in the initial years and later on the children take over the highly taxing responsibility of looking glamorous. Otherwise how do you explain a two-year-old posing like a Miss Universe Contestant (I might be sounding sarcastic, but I am still trying to get a hold over it).

When I look back at mine or my brother’s childhood pictures, we looked so innocent, even our school and college day pictures did not have a pinch of those ‘lights on you’ effect.

I remember the only thing for which I used to go to parlour along with mom as a kid, was for a haircut. And the first time I got my eye brows done was after I finished college (does that sound like I come from the stone age?). But neither my mom nor my friends had at any point of time said that I should have lotions and cosmetics dripping from top to bottom. My mom always laid emphasis on hygiene and being presentable, but never on being glamorous.

But these days ‘glamour quotient’ seems to be a very important part of one’s social profile. I see these little girls all dressed up like Aishwarya Rai, so I wonder what kind of pressure Sridevi’s daughter might be going through to look her best.

Earlier the stages in a person’s life were childhood, teenage, adult, and old age. But now childhood, teenage, and adult phases seem to have been clubbed. It actually worries me, I just hope that when I have my daughter I would not behave like those celeb moms!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Response to 'I am Angry and Hurt'

@She pebble...to say that I can understand how you must be feeling would be a lie. Though I have been to your only twice, I have such beautiful memories of that place. Reading your post I could not imagine of anything else at that place, and you must be having a treasure trove of memories for sure.

will be there for u always
Energy Fountain
@She pebble,

Though I haven't been in your place, I can imagine what u would have felt. Even I grew attached to the places I live. Not just my home though.  And whenever I have stayed away from home, I have missed home a lot. Its not that I missed my family. Yep, I missed them. But it was not enough that they visited me. I really wanted to be home.

Couch potato
 @She Pebble,
It must be awful to be going through this. I am sure that you would always have sweet memories of the place in you mind... Who knows in another 10-15 years you may be able to recreate a home to which you might develop  similar attachments..

Hope all your dreams come true
Agile Serenity

Love you guys for understanding and feeling for what I went through and in a part still go through.
I understand that I have to move on now and like @agile said the new place could have special memories for me in few years...

Love you all always

She Pebble

Monday, 19 September 2011

I am Angry and Hurt!

As I scanned through the Pictures for the last time, my eyes welled and however hard I tried I couldn't stop the floodgate and what surprised me the most was my soft wails. I heard myself sobbing uncontrollably. The Echo reverberated in my ears and it just told me I hadn't cried so loudly in years. Thank God! I was all alone as if Nature connived with the Psyche of my mind to ensure I burst out when I had no one to be comforted. But did I really need somebody to comfort me? No! I am so hurt and so angry that no amount of consolation could balm my blistered soul.

As I was casually talking to a friend at another friends' party, She happened to introduce me to her Boss whom she learned was from my native place. You really cannot measure the swell and the pride you get when a total stranger you meet actually knows your family, your relatives, have mutual friends as you and finally knows your house and its location (not the Google map one)...He exclaimed "What a beautiful house that was! and added, "I must say you were quite lucky...having had the privilege to stay in that house for so long, after all it kinda 92 years old rite...and went on to list a few other information oblivious to me...now how the hell did he know all that..and remember that all these details were not on FaceBook or on a Google search...my my....

It always make me wonder how interested the people in Kerala are in other's  personal details be it names, events, secrets or other vital information.....Well! Leaving all that...He said, "In today's date if you were to built such an old fashioned house like yours with such beautiful wooden ceilings and such spacious rooms, then no doubt it would run into crores and then he dropped the bombshell, a piece of information I had no idea about.."you know last week I passed your house and was so sad to see it smoothed down, bulldozed, and now I really cannot Imagine that place minus your house...The rest of the words felt deaf to my ears as all I could make out was his mime demonstration...my friend sensing my shocked demeanour pulled me aside.

She asked me, "Are you alright?" And all I could give her was blank look as I asked myself, "Am I Alright? and my mind shouted, shrieked, screamed to her..Hell no!!"But I didn't hear those words coming out.

As I climbed the stairs to my house his words reverberated in my head, "smoothed down, bulldozed"

My home, where I grew up. Spent most of my life and a place I always could be myself; stretched my leg as I lazily sat on my Appacha's antique chair with an arm and a leg rest, reading an M&B, my room which had posters from top to bottom, which I myself had to pull down when my brother legally inherited it(The day I got married). The countless visitors we had as our home was at a prime location and so easily accessible to any person who wanted to drop in....And not a day would pass when my mom would not have to make an extra cup of tea for a visitor.

The mango tree at our backyard which blessed us with small juicy mangoes that even before the mangoes were ripe we would get requests from friends, neighbours and relatives for their share, the countless times I stood staring out of the window looking at passerby's on cars, buses or pedestrians....That house was not just another structure, It had so many memories etched, the countless cries, bouts of happiness, naughtiness, all the nitty gritties of life that the roofs and the four walls were witness to.....

One day my parents simply decided to put the house on sale as they were tired of the next to main road life and there was also a possibility of Road widening and other headaches if the new government that was taking over then would bring in place..Within a month's time - An individual made an irresistible offer as he saw our house (actually our piece of land) a prime location for his commercial dreams...In a span of 2 months all the formalities were done and the ownership was transferred.

He bulldozed my memories, my home, and is building his commercial one there..I wouldn't really blame him, He is just a business man after all who invested such a huge amount.....But it's my home that's no more....I wish I had that money to give to my parents to keep them from selling it...It's just that moment when I felt had I been filthy rich????

But I really cannot blame my parents too, they were just being practical, when they decided to move out at the right time....But what about those zillion hours I spent of my life there? Does it have any value at all????

Who cares??? I am sure my new house can never match up to my bulldozed old home.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Replies to Seven Things

Hey Couch potato

    I always knew you had trouble with communication, when to say and what say. But finally you did it, I knew you always loved me though I hated you a little more than I actually love you. So I guess the (2) is for me. And it's totally fine when you say that there things which I do, irks you, I know it happens all the time with me, just everything about you irks me :-P

Your's lovingly
Energy Fountain

Hi Lazy Bum

I am surprised you put those 7 things to those 7 people in so polite a manner, I must be a real bitch then I have infact a list of people whom I want to give a piece of my ass, mind and my heart to...:)
I really cannot guess who those 7 are but I feel 4 (3+1) are your family members...the remaining 3 are your frds..Am I right???
Anyways I loved the Post. I wish those whom you wrote about know exactly what you think of them...


She Pebble

@Energy Fountain....Iam glad that the feeling is mutual...we manage to piss each other off with equal elan.... he he he.... And nthg in my 7 point list is for u... :D.... 

@She pebble...So wt should I do? Now that ur admitting that ur a bitch, should I disagree with u and say "No No! u are sweet" or should I agree with u that ur a bitch! LOL!


@ Couch Potato

:) Either way you get no brownie points.. lol:)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Seven things I want to say….....

….to seven different people…
1)You are the bestesstttt person in the whole world and I love u the mostttt. It is a not a surprise, because you love me the mossttt as well. I know that you will be there for me, no matter what. You make all my wishes come true. I wish I could do something for you. But I really don’t know what. You just want me to be happy, that is all you care about. I know I have always taken you for granted. But from now onwards, Iam going to cherish you and be grateful to God for giving you.
2)I don’t know why I can’t love you the way I should love you, or the way I want to. Something stops me from loving you with an open heart. I know you deserve more than that. Iam really sorry that I never took the time to know you or what you want. Iam sorry that I don’t love you as much as I should be loving you. Certain things you do definitely irk me. But you also do a lotta things for me. Thank you so much for that. And I do love you.
3)You have always been there for me, especially when I was emotionally down. I poured my heart out to you over and over again. And you listened to me with patience. I could share my happiness and sorrows with you. Wish you did the same with me. I wish you opened up to me as well. I wish I could be like you – down to earth, intelligent and focussed.
4)I don’t get you. Sometimes I feel that you are nice and lovable, at other times you are totally insensitive. I cannot understand how such contrasting qualities can inhabit inside the same individual. But Iam always grateful to you because you came into my life at a time when I was shattered. You helped me put myself back into a whole person again. You taught me to laugh again. I enjoyed being with you and spent some beauuutiful moments in your company. There are days I miss you like crazy. 

5)I totally adore you. I look up to you. I wish we could be bessstttttt friends. Your sense of humour, easy-going nature, love for all good things in life, your attitude and the genuine goodness that you have in you – I totally adore you for that. I love the way you talk, the way you write and the way you shut up when there is no need to talk. You maintain that dignity about yourself.
6)I hateeee you for all the pain you gave me. And I can never forgive you.
7)You have an awesome life. And you have really influenced me to a great extent. I have always felt that need to prove myself to you. That Iam not lesser than you in anyway. But now Iam kinda glad that we don’t have to see each other often. Because, every time we meet, our insecurities crop up.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Responses to "Its in my stars"

Hey Energy Fountain

I was so hooked to Linda Goodman while in college and used to believe each word of it...but now I cannot be so sure of all of it..I hardly read horoscope now ..Moreover I believe in 'what you sow, you reap policy...So there is no room for tarot cards, horoscope, vaastu etc...

She Pebble

Even I enjoy reading my star forecast…  when some days it makes no sense to me… other days I wonder how accurately things have been defined…. Anyways it is just a fun factor for me…

The chick running behind a rubber ball sounds cute.. she must have mistaken the ball to be the person who gave her life… even when we as babies opened our eyes, we just trusted the hands that held us…don’t you think we depend on our parents for quite some time…in fact we need them in one way or another as long as they are there… this being the case,  I feel  awful when I read of new born infants left on streets just because their parents could not take up their responsibility…

 .....Yours Agile Serenity

(busy wondering who should these helpless infants blame??? their Parents or their Stars????

Iam a tad bit confused about astrology. Its unfair that we give all the credit to the stars. But I do feel that there is an element of truth in that. Something that I totally loved reading is the Linda Goodman's star signs. Iam a Libran and most of the written works on astrology say that librans are indecisive, argumentative, romantic and lazy!!! And thats soooo true about me :)  So I tend to believe in astrology.

Lying on the couch and counting the stars
yours lazily
couch potato
Hey gals

I knew all of you must have turned the pages of Linda Goodman at some point of time...She pebble i totally agree with you on "what you sow, is what you reap"...but there is definitely some truth in astrology, though one can not bank on it and move accordingly in life.

 And weekly predictions might be accurate for some and not  for others because the astrologer gives a rough sketch for a zodiac sign, while all of us are born at different times, so the planetary pattern varies accordingly for each of us.

And Agile I really feel sorry for those babies who are left to fend for themselves, whom should they blame is a million dollar question, their parents, society or their stars? why do not you write about it in your next post.

Energy Fountain

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's in My Stars

Do I believe in astrology?? the answer is both yes and no, because I believe that it works for some, but it might not work for others. Because the person doing predictions is a human being and to err is human. But I definitely find it interesting to read the column “Your stars” which most of the newspapers carry and there have been incidences when these predictions have come true for me.

One day when I opened the website of one such newspaper to read “Your stars”…I heard a person speaking, I was little confused regarding the origin of the voice, then I realized I had happened to click on an astrology radio link. Out of curiosity I hanged on to it for few seconds, the person speaking had a commanding voice and explained things emphatically. He was explaining how planets influence a person the way he or she is.

He said if someone is born at night, then the first impression a child gets is darkness all around and laziness in people around, it goes a long way in how the child perceives the world to be. Then based on the various planetary positions, he gets exposed to different amount of magnetic waves which decides the weakness and strength of that person. He said it is the exposure at a particular time that decides how a person turns out to be.

Then he gave an example of a study done by scientists to see the bonding between a new born baby and mother. In most of the animals as soon as a baby is born they start walking or running, because it is important for their survival and they follow the mother. Now scientists were curious whether the new born is running after the mother or the exposure? So what they did was when a chick was hatching, they took the mother away and placed a rubber ball, when the chick came out of the egg it started following wherever the ball was moved, it showed the same affection towards the ball which chicks show towards their mother. This experiment was repeated with various substitutes for the mother and the result was same every time. It showed that the new born tries to get the maximum out of the exposure it gets.

Moral of the story: If you don’t like certain things about yourself, then you can always blame the stars. After all the time at which you made an entry into the world and the kind of exposure you received as a new born were not decided by you!!!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Response to "Battle of the Bulge"

Hey Agile did u miss me...i know i am little late to join the heated discussion (pebble seems to be all heated up)

I think the lady is not very much bothered about her weight being revealed in public, though she would have preferred it otherwise.

And the  husband is also not the kinds who would keep comparing his wife to the wafer-thin models...i don't think he would trade her for anyone else.

It's just a day-to-day a "tussle" to establish supremacy ;)

That's all from the agony aunt for today
Energy Fountain
Agile girl!
ROFL! It was one funny post! I loved reading it. Had a good flow. And conversation are always the best to read..

laughing her lungs out
Couch Potato
Dear Agile:)
When I went through the whole conversation I felt that the wife is so insecure of her looks...not necessary, that she is really ugly or fat  in the actual sense but when compared to the hour glass figure or the size zero she feels she tips the scale may be by a 90 degree...So what???? Damn you women!!!..Can't you love yourself the way you are? There is a big difference between being skinny and being healthy...Off course you should never be obese 'cauz it is not good for your health but there is no need to part of the rat race too...Doesn't she know that healthy models are replacing the anorexic ones on the ramp...and i just got reminded of a very interesting observation one gentleman made one day....who wants a stick thin gal??? A Girl's beauty is in her roundness especially her Butt and her boob....Well!!! This was just an off colour remark he made to make his wife comfortable with herself and tell others that he did not wish her to be any different( the situation warranted him to comment so )..:)...But the question here is her husband too did nothing to make her comfortable with herself...then she would have not gone on cribbing about the whole episode...

That's my take on it....
She Pebble:)

Thanks girls… Don’t worry.. they are just a sweet family … and in no way is the wife obsessed by size zero… it is just that sometimes society puts so much pressure on individuals and this post is a result of the effect it has on people especially ladies…. The only thing is that the wife wants to portray herself as a perfectionist [and it is evident that she is unsuccessful in that ;)]… Also, she is conscious about what society thinks… But at the end of the day, they are a normal family and like Energy Fountain has put it “It's just a day-to-day  "tussle" to establish supremacy”
- (for a change decided to stand on the weighing scale but too scared to open her eyes...
Agile Serenity....)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Battle of the bulges (of the sexes)!!!

A family was riding back home after a party

Hubby : It was a great party (hubby is all happy and high in spirit)

Wife :Yes. It was a great party until they started the “Guess your family’s weight?” What a stupid game… ewwww!!!

Hubby : You still have it in mind .. Oh come on… It was just for fun…

Wife :Ya right.. I challenge Mrs. Khanna to play that game a few months back.. Just because she took up some Kellogg’s Special K challenge and lost all her weight …she is off to tease the other souls who cannot starve themselves…(sigh)

Hubby : Okay.. so whatever… see what I guessed was accurate… it was exactly what it showed on the weighing scale… your guess did not even come near my actual weight… hahaha….

Wife :I felt like killing you for that!!!! … Why did you have to announce my weight out to the public.. at least, you could have taken off few kilos right… now they are all going to think that it is my ‘actual’ weight…

Hubby : Hey, But that is your weight.. When you stood on the weighing scale, it showed the same weight.. so big deal !!!!!…

Wife :No!!!!…that is not my ‘actual’ weight.. you don’t understand.. what about the weight of my clothes, my jewellery and besides my stomach was full after dinner

Hubby : Huh… but that is how I weighed myself?? I am in Denim with this heavy belt…

Wife :That may be the case for you men.. but for us women… we take our weight only early in the morning , with no clothes on ..that too after we have pooped and peed… if we have washed our hair .. we weigh ourselves only once our hair is dry….all that water could add extra pounds you see….

Hubby : Okay.. who else knows about this???…

Wife :What do you mean who else knows about this!!!!… now everyone who came to the party kn…..

Hubby quickly stops her before she could complete…

Hubby : Nooooo.. who else knows about the ritual of women taking their weight early in the morning.. Stark naked??

Wife : Everybody does…the ‘bare ritual’ is universal …

Hubby : Then why did not my ‘sweet’ wife (‘sweet’ in his sense actually meant ‘one who cribs about every damm thing’) remind me of this universal truth….. You know that I have problems with getting the guys in my team to come to office on time.. hmmm… going to put this up as my FB status ‘ A bare truth –unveiled’… (he quickly takes out his smart phone and starts typing with one hand)

Wife :I did not get it.. Sooo????

Hubby : Soooo at least it would inspire my guys to get up early… the thought of all that ‘live weighing session’ going on would make them spring out of their beds… by the time they sneak into our sexy secretary’s apartment and…. ( he mentally calculates the time it would take ) .. yup… that should bring them to office earlier than now… aren’t you proud of your brilliant husband.. (gives himself a pat on the back )

Wife :Hmmmph.. Crazy…

Their three year old was sitting on the back seat of the car listening to all the conversation…

Hubby : Give daddy a high five son.. you are not going to tell this to anybody in your play school okay…

Son : Okay daddy .. Chocolate…. (how simple and innocent !!! if only adults were so easy to manage)

Wife :Ya..and what about his weight… why did you have to announce his weight blankly…

Hubby : Now what… should he also join you in the morning after he has pooped and peed????..

Wife :Nooo.. he is a baby (yup.. for any mother the child is always a baby).. the average weight of a three year old is 14-16 kilos.. he comes much below that…

Hubby : So why bother… he is an active healthy boy …then what is the problem.??

Wife :But, you know how much was he running around today… he has only been nibbling like a squirrel since afternoon… you should have seen the way all the ladies were glaring at me.. now they will take me as an irresponsible mother.. the least you could have done was at least announce that he was 16 kilos…

Hubby : Okay so let me work that out… taking the weight on the same weighing scale.. I need to subtract 3-4 kilos for my wife, add 3-4 kilos for the kid and take the same weight as shown for myself… is that right ???…

Wife :Finally got some stuff into your empty brain…

The husband chuckles…

Wife :I know that grin of yours.. I know exactly what you are thinking of me…

She starts hitting him with her hand bag…

Hubby : No stop!!! Stop !!!.. I cant see the road.. the kid is watching..

Wife :Then stop smiling.. you are going to get it from me…

She continues hitting him…

Hubby : Hey what is the use of changing channels when there is violence on T.V… he is witnessing live violence….

She stops for a second.. and grasps what he said.. He gets a nice hard whack for that last one…