Dressed up in different flavours of life, sipping on our apple martinis, sharing some juicy gossips

Couch Potato

Iam a Couch Potato.  PERIOD! Oh no! Iam a bed potato. I can lie on my bed the whole day and do nothing, but dream. Yes, Iam a dreamer. I do dream a lot. Not because I believe my dreams will be turned into reality some day. But simply because I love getting lost in a world created by my imagination. It is way better than the real world any day. I also laugh a lot, sometimes in uncontrollable fits like a maniac. And when I try to explain why Iam laughing, I end up laughing more. I cry a lot too, but when no one is watching. I cry, sulk, brood and bawl. Sometimes because Iam hurt, at other times because I enjoy being drawn into that deep, endless chasm  of melancholy. Iam a bit of a masochist that way. Like most women, Iam an emotional junkie. But I can argue and reason with male logic too. My idea of a great job is to earn lotsa bucks,  sit in a cool cabin and boss around a team of  smart people. Sometimes I wish I were a man. And I whine about being a woman,  having to deal with PMS,  not being able to step out alone when I please, for having to be conscious about what I wear, how I wear and when I wear what I wear. But I secretly cherish everything about being a woman. Even the PMS. It gives me an excuse to sulk. And apart from all things chocolate, one of my biggest loves is life. Sometimes, I plan my life in detail, at other times, I love to live life for the moment. But I find joy in every thing that life has to offer -  in crying and laughing, in winning and losing, in fighting and forgiving, in holding on and letting go, in talking and listening, in loving and hating. Life is indeed beautiful!!!