Dressed up in different flavours of life, sipping on our apple martinis, sharing some juicy gossips

She Pebble

Iam the She Pebble. Try me! I am strong as a rock..Years of denudation has shaped me, molded me into what I am today. But trust me the metamorphosis might not have resulted in exactly the right things I wanted for myself but I have learned over a period of time that stages in life come as surprise packages, each carrying a disclaimer and you are left fumbling with the instruction manual for getting it right. Life does not give you many opportunities but blessings never come in measures, you experience them in plenty only when you realize that they are there somewhere hidden waiting to be found…I cling to those I love and adore but detest those who try to claw and scratch my sensible heart..I do not believe in giving people second chances rather I would prefer to delete them from my contacts.. Do not judge me by my rough exterior – I am a woman with a gamut of emotions. I have experienced it all – Love, hatred, heartbreak, happiness, friendship, relations etc.  I dream and that keep me going as Life is too short and I have miles to travel. And in whatever I do I just do not wish to be another face in the crowd.

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