Dressed up in different flavours of life, sipping on our apple martinis, sharing some juicy gossips

Energy Fountain

I am  the Energy Fountain. Always overflowing with surplus energy. I want to do this, that, and everything,but possibly I can't do everything in one lifetime.So I wish to live for 500 years. I believe nothing is impossible, so why not aim for the sky. I get easily satisfied but only with the best. I care for people more than advised, I trust people beyond all doubts, and I love with all my heart. But mess with me only at your own risk, I can simply walk through you as if you don't exist.I Love being a women and  I love only intelligent men (good looks is always a plus). My idea of a perfect job is something I love doing,  because I compete with none but myself, doing something that would make me grow as a person and make the world a better place  to live in, and if money comes along ,  why not take it. As money gives me the freedom to shop and hog...buying bags, sandals, books, and above all chocolates. Does it sound like my life is full of happiness, no, not at all, there are times when I am sad and touch the rock bottom, but that is not my natural state so I gather myself and bounce back, just like the spring which bounces higher the harder you press it.  I believe there are no short cuts in life, but living it every day and every moment.