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Monday, 23 May 2011

A Gigolo ad

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I am a gentleman offering Pleasures of the highest quality and ultimate experience [and satisfaction] to my Women clients.”.

Those words kept ringing in my ear not because I was interested in enjoying the “Pleasures” that he described off but because of the fact that I never expected such a mail in my LinkedIn account…Then I realized, in this world rotten minds always find their means and ways to prophesize…

As I kept reading....I couldn’t help but burst into a roaring laughter..He goes on to say, “You will find me very discreet, seductive, sensuous, cultivated (Did he mean well mannered or cultured??), and playful (hmm..in a teasing way???) with a very good sense of humor(Now who wants that when he is hired to get laid)” Phew!!!..Now isn’t that too many a quality to ask for in man….and makes the men in our life, sweat, look so sheepish and small in front of him…lolJ….(I was talking about the qualities he listed). “I am a 28 Years young male , 6 feet tall , weigh 72 kgs, Male Escort in *******area. I am an excellent companion, willing to take up all kinds of assignments ( ohh!!! Is he hinting on the S word and all the forbidden and sinful things???). Please contact through mail for more details. I have worked with many women clients and can gurantee( he can’t even spell it properly so how can he be trusted) satisfaction and secrecy. Basically a Masseur (OMG!). Contact me at *******@yahoo.com..ha ha..sorry to disappoint you here)”. And then comes the Menu(pun intended)

SERVICES OFFERED -------------------------->PRICE

1 Companionship ------------------------------> INR 1000 [per hour]

2.Massage only ---------------------------------> INR 1200

3 Lap Tease -------------------------------------> INR 1800 [Negotiable]

4 Hen party/Birthday party
with multiple clients-----------------------------> INR 2400

5 Full service-------------------------------------> INR 3900 [ " ]
Anything extra will be charged over and above the above mentioned price.


Online Media industry
January 2010 – Present (1 year 5 months)
Gigolo Service

M.B.A, Management (Shocking!!)

I am not here to debate on why an MBA is doing a Gigolo Business(Service is such a misappropriate usage), preach morals and talk about infidelity…...But I am sure plenty of women would have already e-mailed him helping him to rake in a substantial moolah..But for me he and his Menu deserve to rot in my Recycle Bin...


  1. agile.serenity31 May 2011 at 10:06

    Hmmm.. Nowadays this is quite common... he must have not got recruited by a good company.. .the frustration of sitting jobless after studying so much....pity he could not think of a better option....

  2. Oh yeah! may be..but dearie you have no idea this is such a lucrative business...the other day I was watching a TV show and they were showing in detail the luxuries and comforts these people enjoy with the hard earned(lol:)) money

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  4. damn i knew i was doing the wrong thing doing what i do for the peanuts they pay me..thats it, iam putting myself in the market...anyone who wants a real man : read that as : short, balding with a pot belly can drop in a mail...if i dont die of a heart attack with the excitement of actually recieving a reply, i can assure you of being a perfect considerate companion, who will sleep immediatly after the fastest sex u wud have ever had, so u wudnt have to make unnecessary post coital (sic) conversation...

    services : as long as u cook ,look after my children , keep a clean house , my services are free...

  5. ha ha ha.... thats pretty generous of u tys.... ur willing to offer sex just in exchange of cooking, looking after ur kids nd keeping a clean house! :D

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