Dressed up in different flavours of life, sipping on our apple martinis, sharing some juicy gossips

Agile Serenity

I am  Agile Serenity You may find me sitting by a lake enjoying the open skies, cool breeze and lovely scenery. I do love animals, nature and all the beautiful things of life. You may even find me in a busy mall sitting alone in a cafe and sipping hot coffee.. I could be with a book or simply looking around… I could spend time just observing people and smiling at the silly things that they do, assuming that nobody was watching…..  But wait, don’t just approach me quickly. Let me warn you that I am really picky in choosing friends… I take my own sweet time which may not suit people who want everything instant and quick. I do not believe that life is a battle and that I am competing for the first place… But I do believe that everybody has an equal share of the good, bad and ugly. The grass is not actually greener on the other side...…… There was a phase in life when I took problems seriously… But then, I realized that life is not worth fretting over things that only increase with age. I prefer being diplomatic, not because I am a coward to voice the truth but because I am not brave to receive criticism. …. I am no extraordinary woman with super natural powers. It is easy to make me laugh and even easier to make me cry. A loving word would melt my heart and a sign of concern would make my day. Peace is my mantra and it can be disturbed only by other’s pride and hypocrisy. ‘Life’ is a journey and let us make it as beautiful as we can.