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Friday, 3 February 2012

The 'Me' Post!!! - Part 1 - The Perfect Life!

To be continued...

1. Perfect Life

Here I tell ye, what my idea of a perfect life is...

- Well.. that kinda keeps changing.. but I think right now, I imagine myself living in a beautiful house/apartment with a lovely view and located in a prime location. I could be living in cochin, b'lore, the countryside of UK or London. I could be living with my family (parents and sis) , with a bunch of friends or even alone. But as of now am sticking with the option of living with my family at cochin in a beautiful house with a water-front.

- Have an awesome career - Which means, I earn lotsa money and totally enjoy my work. I prefer being a freelancer who juggles lotsa things - lifestyle writer and columnist, travel show host (TV anchor), theatre artist, and be a part of something that requires lots of planning and ideating. OR I could also be running my own company and bossing around. I also fancy being an author.

- In an awesome relationship - A boyfriend in a different town. Well... not a town which is too far, cuz I would like to meet him atleast twice a month. I love the long-distant phone calls, the yearning and pining, the excitement before meeting and lots more things associated with a long-distance relationship. I also feel that not seeing all the time keeps the fire alive and helps the relationship from slipping into a comfort zone. And ideally, I would love to be in the beginning phase of a relationship. How much ever I love to do away with the awkwardness, I cherish the rushes of new love. I want a relationship with loads of laughter, oodles of peppery romance and great conversation. Touch wood, I have that!

- Kickass company - I would love to have atleast 3 different circles of friends. One circle should be a gang of three with just two of my bestttt buddies. Another one a girl gang too - with five of us. Another one a huge gang of girls and guys.

-Active social life - The weekends the boy is in town will be spent only with him -dining, wining, lots of cootchie cooing, holding hands, making love, watching the sunset, walks on the beach and long drives. On other weekends, I would like to divide my time between my circle of friends and family. Gossipping over coffee, shopping sprees, watching movies back to back, bingeing over food with my friends. Sundays would be spent entirely with family - immediate and extended. Going for house visits, inviting friends or family friends home. Sunday lunch would be with the family.

- Travel a lot - Short picnics / weekend trips once a month. Two international holidays a year!

Phew!!! So thats my idea of a perfect life... Darlings from my cocktail party!! Plz temme what ur idea of a perfect life is... Do comment... Or if possible, churn out a post even. Though we have been friends for a loong time, I would love to know more about y'all... You can even tell other interesting things about ye...

Rest of the readers - Do tell me wat ur idea of a perfect life is...