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Friday, 23 September 2011

Response to 'I am Angry and Hurt'

@She pebble...to say that I can understand how you must be feeling would be a lie. Though I have been to your only twice, I have such beautiful memories of that place. Reading your post I could not imagine of anything else at that place, and you must be having a treasure trove of memories for sure.

will be there for u always
Energy Fountain
@She pebble,

Though I haven't been in your place, I can imagine what u would have felt. Even I grew attached to the places I live. Not just my home though.  And whenever I have stayed away from home, I have missed home a lot. Its not that I missed my family. Yep, I missed them. But it was not enough that they visited me. I really wanted to be home.

Couch potato
 @She Pebble,
It must be awful to be going through this. I am sure that you would always have sweet memories of the place in you mind... Who knows in another 10-15 years you may be able to recreate a home to which you might develop  similar attachments..

Hope all your dreams come true
Agile Serenity

Love you guys for understanding and feeling for what I went through and in a part still go through.
I understand that I have to move on now and like @agile said the new place could have special memories for me in few years...

Love you all always

She Pebble

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