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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Death Of Innocence

I was seeing pictures of one of my niece, oh boy! she looked awesome, and she is hardly two-years-old. Yes! she looked awesome, not adorable. I was trying to figure out what was so different about the pictures, but then I gave up, telling myself “you and your eye for details!”

Few days later I saw this picture collection on Yahoo called “celeb moms”, Tanuja with Kajol, Hema Malini with her daughters, Sridevi with her daughter, and Sushmita sen with her newly adopted second daughter.

Kajol and Esha looked glamorous, nothing new, it’s part of their profession, but Sridevi’s daughter who is not even 15 years old, looked as if she has been ripped off her innocence and is getting ready to step into the Bollywood. But Sridevi looked pretty content showcasing her daughter.

And at that very instant it hit me like a bolt from blue that my niece’s picture had this uncanny resemblance with Sridevi’s daughter, no, not looks wise, but the way she looked devoid of innocence, the way she was been dressed in those fashionable gowns, which in earlier days we used to see actors wearing while walking down the red carpet.

Who is to be blamed for the death of innocence? kids, their peers, or their parents? I think it’s started by the parents in the initial years and later on the children take over the highly taxing responsibility of looking glamorous. Otherwise how do you explain a two-year-old posing like a Miss Universe Contestant (I might be sounding sarcastic, but I am still trying to get a hold over it).

When I look back at mine or my brother’s childhood pictures, we looked so innocent, even our school and college day pictures did not have a pinch of those ‘lights on you’ effect.

I remember the only thing for which I used to go to parlour along with mom as a kid, was for a haircut. And the first time I got my eye brows done was after I finished college (does that sound like I come from the stone age?). But neither my mom nor my friends had at any point of time said that I should have lotions and cosmetics dripping from top to bottom. My mom always laid emphasis on hygiene and being presentable, but never on being glamorous.

But these days ‘glamour quotient’ seems to be a very important part of one’s social profile. I see these little girls all dressed up like Aishwarya Rai, so I wonder what kind of pressure Sridevi’s daughter might be going through to look her best.

Earlier the stages in a person’s life were childhood, teenage, adult, and old age. But now childhood, teenage, and adult phases seem to have been clubbed. It actually worries me, I just hope that when I have my daughter I would not behave like those celeb moms!


  1. reminds me of the show "toddlers and tiaras"...i loathe it.

  2. its very rare nowadays to meet a small girl, who is not acting like a midget adult...its kinda irritating....childhood is such a small phase...we got a whole life to play adult...i guess its the parental pressures , peer pressure and to some extent the exposures...u know how girls are,they like to play pretend..this is just an extention of that game...theres still innocence there...its we who lost it