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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Responses to "Death of Innocence"

Hey Energy Fountain

You did raise a very valid issue here but the problem would be "Will Anybody bother?". Parents are so proud to show off their talented children in reality shows that they are willing to cross the line or few rules in parenting which we were subject to us at our age - like no makeup,designer or revealing outfits, blow dried hair and even plucked eyebrows till you are 'old enough' and that 'old enough' age was when we got into college....
When I look back at few of my old school pics I wish I could hide under neath the bed, I looked so pathetic with my over sized specs, old fashioned hair style and dressing sense but hey I was still a kid then....no fashion diva...
Recently there was an offer in one of the very popular beauty parlours here - 50% off on facials for kids aged 10 - 15 years of age...OMG..Can you believe that? But it is the truth of today...We cannot ignore it...


She Pebble:(
hey you fountain girl,

I agree... Innocence has been lost and buried under debris. Though I love to see lil girls dressed up in cute outfits, it is disturbing when I see them in sexy clothes. I also cringe when kids talk like grown-ups. Its an absolute pleasure when they talk their age. I don't know how we stop them, or to what extend can parents control and influence their kids' lives. These days even 5-year- olds have a facebook account. Anyways, it was a good read girl:)

Just outta the bed
Couch Potato

Energy Fountain.....

Don't worry..... we are in no way old fashioned or ancient ... it is just that our mothers allowed us to enjoy our childhood to the fullest.... In the race for the survival of the fittest...  the limit gets crossed ...children get misguided and parents fall for it...Children are great imitators... they don't understand the right from the wrong... also, agreed that it is difficult for parents to control everything around  kids .. but parents and elders need to teach the young minds that this is not reality and that childhood comes only once...

Right now feeling disgusted watching a five year old trying to dance as 'Sheila' Ki Jawani in a reality show.... OMG she is even trying out the  Dhak Dhak movements..... I dont mind kids dancing for the song.. but they can dance in their own style right! .... why do they race to their Jawani at this age?????

- Yours Agile Serenity.......


Yes she pebble the trend is disturbing and I don't know what should be done to stop it. And couch potato even I know kids having Facebook accounts, i thought only 18-year-olds were allowed to open an account, or  I just imagined it?
Thank you Agile for empathising with me, I think we should thank our parents for letting us live our childhood to the fullest :)

love u all
Energy Fountain

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