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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Replies to Seven Things

Hey Couch potato

    I always knew you had trouble with communication, when to say and what say. But finally you did it, I knew you always loved me though I hated you a little more than I actually love you. So I guess the (2) is for me. And it's totally fine when you say that there things which I do, irks you, I know it happens all the time with me, just everything about you irks me :-P

Your's lovingly
Energy Fountain

Hi Lazy Bum

I am surprised you put those 7 things to those 7 people in so polite a manner, I must be a real bitch then I have infact a list of people whom I want to give a piece of my ass, mind and my heart to...:)
I really cannot guess who those 7 are but I feel 4 (3+1) are your family members...the remaining 3 are your frds..Am I right???
Anyways I loved the Post. I wish those whom you wrote about know exactly what you think of them...


She Pebble

@Energy Fountain....Iam glad that the feeling is mutual...we manage to piss each other off with equal elan.... he he he.... And nthg in my 7 point list is for u... :D.... 

@She pebble...So wt should I do? Now that ur admitting that ur a bitch, should I disagree with u and say "No No! u are sweet" or should I agree with u that ur a bitch! LOL!


@ Couch Potato

:) Either way you get no brownie points.. lol:)

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