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Friday, 19 August 2011

Responses to "Its in my stars"

Hey Energy Fountain

I was so hooked to Linda Goodman while in college and used to believe each word of it...but now I cannot be so sure of all of it..I hardly read horoscope now ..Moreover I believe in 'what you sow, you reap policy...So there is no room for tarot cards, horoscope, vaastu etc...

She Pebble

Even I enjoy reading my star forecast…  when some days it makes no sense to me… other days I wonder how accurately things have been defined…. Anyways it is just a fun factor for me…

The chick running behind a rubber ball sounds cute.. she must have mistaken the ball to be the person who gave her life… even when we as babies opened our eyes, we just trusted the hands that held us…don’t you think we depend on our parents for quite some time…in fact we need them in one way or another as long as they are there… this being the case,  I feel  awful when I read of new born infants left on streets just because their parents could not take up their responsibility…

 .....Yours Agile Serenity

(busy wondering who should these helpless infants blame??? their Parents or their Stars????

Iam a tad bit confused about astrology. Its unfair that we give all the credit to the stars. But I do feel that there is an element of truth in that. Something that I totally loved reading is the Linda Goodman's star signs. Iam a Libran and most of the written works on astrology say that librans are indecisive, argumentative, romantic and lazy!!! And thats soooo true about me :)  So I tend to believe in astrology.

Lying on the couch and counting the stars
yours lazily
couch potato
Hey gals

I knew all of you must have turned the pages of Linda Goodman at some point of time...She pebble i totally agree with you on "what you sow, is what you reap"...but there is definitely some truth in astrology, though one can not bank on it and move accordingly in life.

 And weekly predictions might be accurate for some and not  for others because the astrologer gives a rough sketch for a zodiac sign, while all of us are born at different times, so the planetary pattern varies accordingly for each of us.

And Agile I really feel sorry for those babies who are left to fend for themselves, whom should they blame is a million dollar question, their parents, society or their stars? why do not you write about it in your next post.

Energy Fountain

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