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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's in My Stars

Do I believe in astrology?? the answer is both yes and no, because I believe that it works for some, but it might not work for others. Because the person doing predictions is a human being and to err is human. But I definitely find it interesting to read the column “Your stars” which most of the newspapers carry and there have been incidences when these predictions have come true for me.

One day when I opened the website of one such newspaper to read “Your stars”…I heard a person speaking, I was little confused regarding the origin of the voice, then I realized I had happened to click on an astrology radio link. Out of curiosity I hanged on to it for few seconds, the person speaking had a commanding voice and explained things emphatically. He was explaining how planets influence a person the way he or she is.

He said if someone is born at night, then the first impression a child gets is darkness all around and laziness in people around, it goes a long way in how the child perceives the world to be. Then based on the various planetary positions, he gets exposed to different amount of magnetic waves which decides the weakness and strength of that person. He said it is the exposure at a particular time that decides how a person turns out to be.

Then he gave an example of a study done by scientists to see the bonding between a new born baby and mother. In most of the animals as soon as a baby is born they start walking or running, because it is important for their survival and they follow the mother. Now scientists were curious whether the new born is running after the mother or the exposure? So what they did was when a chick was hatching, they took the mother away and placed a rubber ball, when the chick came out of the egg it started following wherever the ball was moved, it showed the same affection towards the ball which chicks show towards their mother. This experiment was repeated with various substitutes for the mother and the result was same every time. It showed that the new born tries to get the maximum out of the exposure it gets.

Moral of the story: If you don’t like certain things about yourself, then you can always blame the stars. After all the time at which you made an entry into the world and the kind of exposure you received as a new born were not decided by you!!!

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