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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Response to "Battle of the Bulge"

Hey Agile did u miss me...i know i am little late to join the heated discussion (pebble seems to be all heated up)

I think the lady is not very much bothered about her weight being revealed in public, though she would have preferred it otherwise.

And the  husband is also not the kinds who would keep comparing his wife to the wafer-thin models...i don't think he would trade her for anyone else.

It's just a day-to-day a "tussle" to establish supremacy ;)

That's all from the agony aunt for today
Energy Fountain
Agile girl!
ROFL! It was one funny post! I loved reading it. Had a good flow. And conversation are always the best to read..

laughing her lungs out
Couch Potato
Dear Agile:)
When I went through the whole conversation I felt that the wife is so insecure of her looks...not necessary, that she is really ugly or fat  in the actual sense but when compared to the hour glass figure or the size zero she feels she tips the scale may be by a 90 degree...So what???? Damn you women!!!..Can't you love yourself the way you are? There is a big difference between being skinny and being healthy...Off course you should never be obese 'cauz it is not good for your health but there is no need to part of the rat race too...Doesn't she know that healthy models are replacing the anorexic ones on the ramp...and i just got reminded of a very interesting observation one gentleman made one day....who wants a stick thin gal??? A Girl's beauty is in her roundness especially her Butt and her boob....Well!!! This was just an off colour remark he made to make his wife comfortable with herself and tell others that he did not wish her to be any different( the situation warranted him to comment so )..:)...But the question here is her husband too did nothing to make her comfortable with herself...then she would have not gone on cribbing about the whole episode...

That's my take on it....
She Pebble:)

Thanks girls… Don’t worry.. they are just a sweet family … and in no way is the wife obsessed by size zero… it is just that sometimes society puts so much pressure on individuals and this post is a result of the effect it has on people especially ladies…. The only thing is that the wife wants to portray herself as a perfectionist [and it is evident that she is unsuccessful in that ;)]… Also, she is conscious about what society thinks… But at the end of the day, they are a normal family and like Energy Fountain has put it “It's just a day-to-day  "tussle" to establish supremacy”
- (for a change decided to stand on the weighing scale but too scared to open her eyes...
Agile Serenity....)

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