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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mom, Do You Love Me???

This story is about a mother and daughter. A mother who loved her tiny-tot and so did the daughter. As both of them grew little older the distances between them grew by many folds. The daughter now a 20-year-old charming girl still wanted her mom to be at her side but her mom thought she should be on her own, why ask for a helping hand, wasn't her daughter old enough?

But does growing up means leaving the anchor, not asking for love openly, the way a child runs to sit in the mother’s lap without any second thought, the way they say “moma do u love me?”

This girl named Roshni was a bright student and always tried her best so that she could score well on the parameters set by her parents. Days of schooling got over and the time came to decide for higher studies…she did not know what to choose, she did not like engineering but that was what everyone else opted for or were made to opt for, and that was what her parents wanted her to take up. Not knowing what to do? she opted for BCA, not because she liked it, because she knew that she did not want to pursue engineering...her parents thought she was a lazy bone and that's why she did not opt for the heavy professional course.

She stepped into college made new friends, with every passing day she grew a little, from being a teenager now she was stepping towards being a complete woman, so it was nothing but natural that her curiosity about relationships also grew…but whom should she ask, her mom, her dad, her brother or her friends?...it’s then she came across the many soap operas being aired 24*7 on the idiot box and she found them fascinating…but when she saw the dark side of relationships- betrayal, deceit, infidelity and heart-breaks she was disappointed.

She asked her mom… “Is it true what they show in the serial?”… “Are relationships so fragile?”….and her mom said “would you just stop watching those non-sense soaps…they are figments of imagination. Don’t waste your time watching TV, concentrate on your studies.”

Again the juncture had come when she needed to decide whether you would like to work or pursue higher studies…but when asked by her parents she said I don’t know!!

She was not sure of what life has in store for her – at professional as well as personal level. She started having bouts of nausea, fever, stomach upsets and mood swings.

Her grades started dropping…she was not scoring in 90s anymore…it came down to 80s…her mom started taking her to various doctors but in vain, doctors said she was fine and was not suffering from any disease.

But her condition persisted… though she always liked watching horror serials, now she was scared of them, she would ask her mom “Mom would please hold my hand and sit beside me till I fall asleep.”

Her mom said to a friend “what a waste of time, my daughter asks me to sit beside her and hold her hand,”…her mom feels either Roshni has lost her mental balance or is lazy and trying to avoid studies. And is sure that she should not be wasting her time listening to her anymore. When her friend suggested that probably counselling could help Roshni, she refused.

What do you think?? Is her mom right? What has gone wrong with Roshni? What should be done? Is going to a psychiatrist all that bad? Is it true that only mad people go to psychiatrist or anyone with some sort of disturbance in life could approach them?


  1. I am not drunk but can still blabber! Today is the 5th death anniversary of my mom. My relationship with her can be defined in one word"Empty".My dad passed away 19? 20? ( lose count) years ago. But even today I ask for his approval. I ask him to hold my hand. Someone once said, 'Once a parent , always a parent." I say once a kid always a kid! We need our parents to hold our hands, we need for them to kiss our boo boos ( emotional) and say its going to be ok. Remember when you were a toddler and was eager to let go of your parents hands and run.. and they always ran beside you or held you back( on a busy street)? Most parents do not realize even when you are 55 ( as in my case) we still want them to restrain us we are dashing off in the wrong direction. We hate it when they try to and call it over-involvement and controlling. That's the same thing we said at 3! and then at 13 and 30...We need parents.
    Now as for counseling... the mother needs it more than Roshini!Just my opinion!

  2. @Makettles...i totally agree with you, even i felt the mother needs to change her mindset

  3. going to a shrink isnt the privilage of the mad...i mean, i have been to one for a long period of my life...and i hope that iam not mad...but if i was thats probably what i wud be saying , rite?

    anyhow...back to the topic...

    the girl definetly needs counseling...something has happened...it probably is a chemical imbalance..it can happen at a certain age or sometimes even during pregnancy...but whatever it is, she seems to be exhibiting characteristics which are away from her normal behaviour...the gud part is that she is still seeking her mother and that shows a strong bond...the mother shud consider more understanding rather than irritation...

    thats enuf ...class finished for ur first lesson on pop psychology...my fees will be a peg of JD

  4. @tys...yes mom should try to help the girl before the daughter decides to stop communicating... she is not pregnant...

    going to the shrink should be considered a positive sign, in a way that u want to get better

    whether u are mad or not? would be anyone's guess ;)