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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Responses to 'Iam special'

Hey the girl pebble,

When I saw the title I thought you are gonna brag all about urself...Lol! But it wasn't so.. Yeah, people are harsh to those who are 'different'. Like I was teased and mocked all thru out my childhood days for being...well... to put it mildly,.. chubby... Well... kids are kids, and they don't know much about hurt feelings and all that. But grown ups???  They are worse.. Honestly, how much does a 5-year old know about working out and healthy diets?!?!? And wat happened when I lost tonnes of kilos? People thought I looked sick and I was much cuter earlier!!!

crying into the couch (he he.. for the drama)
Couch Potato
The world says that to survive competition, you need to be different. But, when you are different, the world does not accept it.. simply because it is not their idea of being different. In short, ignore the world… I think his parents are cool and have dealt with him well. So, no matter how much people mock him, he knows he is special. Besides, compared to orphans, children with serious disabilities.. when you think about it.. he is a perfectly healthy child blessed with a great family.. what more can we ask for…

@ couch potato… everybody has their share J … well I was considered an ugly duckling.. I mean people used to see me with my mother.. and shake their head.. ‘oh she looks like her dad’ (yes.. I don’t mind admitting my dad looks average..maybe below average for others…  but he is a good dad!!!)…. I grew up to have weight and acne issues.. so had to face more shaking of heads and comments...they were all more concerned than my own parents (Man.. am I lucky or what !!! )…. Whatever...  it sometimes surprises me when I see people who have overcome the issue , tease others who are going through the same issue.

--- Agile Serenity
@ She pebble...The boy you are talking about is perfectly fine, you can't call a person with extra fingers as one with disability...and he has got awesome parents, who has instilled enough self confidence in him to tide over the big bad world

When i was in school, till i joined graduation people used to call me "moti"...but i was never fat, i was just fine whereas other girls were skinny, but it made feel like i have done some crime not to be like the rest of them. By the time i reached college i knew how to tackle it and people would not dare to call me names.

And now years later i have actually put on weight, and mom has been after me to shed those extra pounds, she feels i take things too lightly...so i just asked her  mom when i was in school and all our relatives and my friends called me "moti" you never came to defend me, do you think i was fat then? she did not have an answer...i can understand her plight she was also somewhere influenced by the idea of size-zero...but she has been a very supportive mom all throughout, and whatever courage i have it is because she had told me years back that you must always believe in yourself, don't let others influence you to the extent that you  start having  self doubts

"I am my favourite" 
Energy Fountaiin

Hello Dearies:)

Sorry for getting back to you so late. I was buried in a pile of work...finally managed to resurface...Guess What? I met Jeremy again....Jeremy, the hero who taught me a valuable lesson...He was telling me about the different places he visited for his summer break, the fun he had and on and on.....And 
I thought to myself..."He has no idea that I have a whole post dedicated to him"....Love you Jeremy and love your spirit:)
And gals Aren't we all proud of how we are and who we are??? Any time you hit rock bottom..just think about Jeremy and his attitude, I am sure you will overcome it....and I am glad we all have such strong shoulders to lean on, when the need arises.....Love you guys!!!!Mwaaaaah!!!!

The OWL :00"<

She Pebble

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