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Friday, 24 June 2011

Replies to Love could happen Again

 Hey Couch Potato

I just loved reading your post...it is like a poem...and yes love could happen again it took me few years to understand that...when i had my first heart break i was all shattered, it was as if i had lost the purpose in my life and felt there was nothing to look forward to...

But when it happened second time i knew all is not lost, there are people who has always loved me, my family and friends, and there are things which i have always wanted to do...but that did not diminish the pain, only difference was i had a better control over my emotions... i knew that love could happen again, but to reach that point it will take a while and the road is full of bumps, nothing gives solace when memories flood my heart and my eyes swell with tears, i just let them flow with the hope that they would make the pain a little lesser with every drop that goes by.

I wish the pain and waiting would be worth it when i finally i come across the one who would stand by my side come what may!!!

Your's not so happy today
Energy Fountain
Dear Couch Potato

Your post brought back old memories...old memories of my old flame, memories of my old crushes...Got nostalgic...I def. feel Love could happen again and again especially when we pass through different phases of our life....Trust me most of the time the other half prefer to chicken out of the relationship because of commitment issues....Funny!!! We cry our hearts out and experience the most difficult, painful and long months of our life and then suddenly out of nowhere a Rainbow appears showing us a ray of life....This is Life dear and with each heart ache we emerge more stronger and clear headed..

She Pebble:)
@ couch potato….
I like the attitude of the write up…
“It is the first break-up that is the most painful. You feel that life is over…no eating .. no sleeping… and you get tempted to do all sorts of crazy things….

 But then after that............ you get used to it.” J
When I read of people doing all sorts of things to show their protest, I feel pity on them. I agree that it is a difficult phase and needs to be handled with care but ending your life, slitting your wrist or pouring acid for revenge is not the right solution…

From the tone of the write up.. it is definitely not the first break up…  Life is a long journey and these memories come as the bumps and pits of the whole package…
Hmmm.. btw you got in some good mushy stuff there..  M&B style….
Romance is high in the air…
Yours blush blush….
@ all my girls

Ohhh!!  Energy fountain!!! Not so happy today eh?.  I guess I was with u during one of ur break ups. And I thot u handled it all very well.  I was such a wreck, lost all my dignity and threw away all my self-respect. I hated the person I had turned into. 
But now when I look back, I feel that it has all helped me in some way. For the first time, I learnt wat true pain is. I had always led a very sheltered life and never took any hardships of any kind. So that emotional pain was too much for me to handle. But like they say, "if it dsnt kill u, it makes u stronger". So it did make me strong! And also, it made me realise what I want.
And girls... This is NOT the story of my like.. Okayyyy????   Surely therz an influence, but I do have a happy ending as of now. Touch Wood!
Couch Potato
Hmmm Couch Potato:)

Offcourse!!! Blink!!! We all know that you are going through a beautiful phase of  life at the moment and we wish it materializes into something even more beautiful soon so that atleast we have a reason to get together after so many years..Gosh!!! I am still counting 1, 2, 3 , 4 years??? 

 Love you Guys!!!!

 - She Pebble - 


  1. Such emotion, shown both in the post and in each of the comments ,that it almost gives this older (80 in a few weeks) woman more hopes for the future. It was some wonderful blog and site friends that helped me handle the loss of my husband , back in 2002 ,after a little over 50 years. Keep up the great posts, I am sure they help many who read them. Also great seeing the way each of you cares so much for the feelings of the others. Such great caring people.

  2. heyyy....

    really moved after reading ur comment, esply how u felt there is hope for future :) That is like a big honour... thanks a lot... wishing u all the strength and happiness :)

  3. hi there...came to your blog via hippy & sally's...nice read....lots of emotions and and reading the post below...brought back memories of loves from my past....and some good bad and veyr ugly moments!....
    is there happily ever affter, dont know.....i think life would be boring if its always happy.....but we all need someone with whom our life is exciting!!!!

  4. Yeah!! Thats a great thought! An overdose of happiness can be a bit boring. We all need some drama. To be honest, thought I went thru hell, I secretly enjoyed it too. Iam a masochist! Lol!