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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Replies to 'The Smart Cuckoo'

@Agile serenity...loved reading your examples, i could actually visualise your trip to mall with that aunty...there are no shortage of smart cuckoos, you just need to turn around. And such people are extremely shameless, i wonder do they even have something called "conscience"...have encountered many in college, at work place, then some as neighbours also, but i always make sure that i dont end up becoming the "crow"...But i have seen my mom becoming the "crow" many times and she is generous enough to forgive such neighbours!!!

Yours brightly
Energy Fountain

@Agile - Girl, that example at work place.. thats classic!!!  I have faced similar instances many times in life... Some seniors conned me into believing that they are taking me under their wing to protect me , and made me speak up at innumerable instances, promising to back me. But what happened in reality is anybody's guess. There is a saying malayalam "kai nanayaathe meen pidikyuka", when translated into English means "to catch a
fish without wetting the hands". This is what these smart cuckoos are trying to do. And me, the idiot that am., has jumped into the water without even checking if there is any fish around. LOL! But now experiences have taught me to watch out for these smart cuckoos. Anyways, agile girl. It was a pleasure reading this. As with each of ur writing, this one made me sit up and listen, yet a smile escaped my lips...

Lovingly n Lazily
Couch Potato

@ Energy Fountain and Couch Potato

Kuuuu kuuuuuu kuuuuuuuuuuu... I am trying to come up with some chant that would keep 'Smart Cuckoos' away..... These parasites are everywhere that genuine and loyal people have become rare in this world.... Yes,  innocent people easily fall prey to them...
Back in college you have these parasites in your team project who make you slog with the preparation, research and report .... and they come yawning on the day of the viva..... this is inspite of knowing that their laziness could result in the whole team getting poor marks...
Sometimes you are somehow connected to them that you cannot just get rid of them....like my friend whose sister- in -law kept leaving her kids at my friend’s place.... I mean it is okay if it was once in a while... but she could not plan anything.. because her SIL would appear from thin air when she was all set to leave the house… or even worse…  call her when she was at a party to inform that the kids would show up at her doorsteps in 15 mins....
I mean how do you deal with these people ?????.... she tried talking it out with her SIL and then the drama began... the MIL and FIL blamed her for not adjusting while their daughter was out for an urgent errand... ya rite.. for all you know that urgent errand must be for a good siesta or a kitty party to attend ......
So till you guys find out the solution let me go on .... yours Kuuu Kuuuuuuu Kuuuuuuuuuing Agile....

Hey  Agile Serenity

You echoed many a sentiments...these kind of people exist in every nook and corner unfortunately they think so high of themselves...
I encountered a similar character in my previous company. She was no doubt good at what she did - training. She had this very friendly disposition towards her trainees which drew them to her. I was really impressed by her in the beginning and decided to attend one of her sessions, then realized she discussed love affairs, who is dating whom in class, about Bollywood actors and  movies in class. She would compliment each of them on how they looked and behaved but I later learned it was just to please the trainees. She really used to bitch about most of them behind their backs and poke fun at their wrong English. Now what do you say about such kind of people???? And with this attitude of hers she managed to always get 5/5 feedback rating from trainees...Hmm...

.......She Pebble...

@ she pebble
I know that could have been really frustrating.. because you were the sincere one who prepared for your classes… with the hope that at least something taught in class would be absorbed by the students and used in their corporate life… while you know how much the other teacher would have prepared for discussing Bollywood gossips and fashion in class.. hmmmm….
Life is unfair…. And the ‘smart gossip Cuckoo’ got a 5/5 leaving you to wonder …what went wrong… .
I pity her students who did not realize her true color… they must have taken her as the ‘Kweel and fun’ teacher and showered her with the rating that she did not deserve…
But don’t worry ‘ she pebble’ these people can never get things  in the right way.. they need to keep using some tactics or the other  for getting those marks, promotions, attention or whatever….
Even if they really want something, they do not have the guts to talk for themselves….
Just imagine a shameless life like that!!!!!… NOPE.. its not meant for you or for me!!!!

- Agile...


  1. The kind of person mentioned by She Pebble, are really sad. They think that the end always justifies the means. But somewhere life catches up cos you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time! Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. Thanks HillGrandmom!!!
    What you said is very true. Good Day!!!

  3. My feelings exactly- so agree with what HillGrandmom wrote.

  4. Yes Dotm, what Hillgrandmom said is very true. Some point of time or the other such people will realized that.