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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Replies to Treasure Your Memories

Hey Serenity

You are quite right to say that the soul and the spark is no more when we celebrate Onam now...but we cannot ignore the fact that with nuclear families, both the spouses working, we really do not have time to spent time on celebrations like yesteryear's. Here at my place, Onam Sadya parcels are in huge demand as it is very economical and time and effort friendly:)...... Like you said  all we can do now is treasure those old memories...I still rem how we used to dress up, have jasmine flowers clipped to my boy-cut hairstyle....swing in the madal oonjal till we got tired of it, play games and rush to be seated when the sadya was served...Gone are those days..We have grown up and so has Onam....

Geting Nostalgic:)
She Pebble

Hey Agile ....I can understand how it feels like when we find old things changed especially the ones with which we have memories attached...I remember few years ago when I had gone to my maternal grandparents place (it was a trip after a gap of five years)...and they had built certain new things, which altered the old house (I felt in an improper way)...somehow I could not appreciate it and voiced my feelings, which ideally I should have had kept to myself  because the ones staying there didn't have an issue!
The Tiger dace reminds me of the "Huli vesha" which I saw in Karnataka recently during Dushera celebrations, it was an awesome sight...

Still thinking about the ada payassam
Energy Fountain

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